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Our hats go off to MACHETE & Junglist Platoon crew who have been holding down LA's longest running D&B weekly event, RESPECT for 9 YEARS. With a guest DJ list too long to even post, lets just say, everyone who's anyone has played here. Hosted by MC XYZ, RESPECT is truly a legendary American night.
Come out this Thursday Night for the official 9 year anniversary party w/ HIVE & BREAKAGE!



Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Check this vid of NERD performing live @ the Levis/Fader party in Austin, Texas last weekend...

N.E.R.D. Live At The Levi's®/Fader Fort from The FADER on Vimeo.

Monday, March 17, 2008


With 2008 underway and a wealth of new music springing up left and right, we are elated to be the first ones to preview the new EDISON GEM album for you. Also known as Orion & Jadis, Edison Gem have created a passionately diverse & somewhat somber longplayer titled "THINGS CHANGE".

With a due release later this spring, "Things Change" brings listeners inside the world of Edison Gem. An extremely honest voyage, "Things Change" is reminiscent of early Portishead, Sneaker Pimps or even Air, capturing listeners in a fine mesh box and slowly and smoothly oozing them back out.

No stranger to music J0B, has been releasing music for years under various monikers including Orion, John Obrien and most recently, LA Riots w/Daniel Ledisko . True to his craft, the expression of "Things Change" is reflective of J0B's artistic capabilities being able to flex in and out of genres with extreme precision.

His efforts with Arizona based singer Jadis, have resulted in a collection of brilliant pieces which have materialized into the "THINGS CHANGE LP" Enjoy this preview & watch for the full release very soon.



EDISON GEM - THINGS CHANGE (Atlantic Connection Remix) (mediafire)




"You never know how things are going to end up - you can just feel them beginning. You move blindly searching for what matters, and until it smacks you in the face, you won't know what it is." ~Jadis

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Making their way into the spotlight are a soulful pair known as GREENLAW.

Based in Victoria BC, Greenlaw's unique fusion of drum and bass & soul/trip hop has gained the attention of Formation Records CEO DJ SS.
Discovering them in a small bar in Canada, SS has them under development and is working closely with them creating their debut LP for Formation.
A first in performance artist signing for Formation Records, this is surely a sign of things to come. Big up to the Formation camp & heres the scoop on GREENLAW.

1. Who is Greenlaw, and what do you guys do?

Greenlaw is made up of myself (Skyla J ) I sing, write lyrics and play the flute, trumpet Oz plays bass, raps writes lyrics and plays piano .

2. Where are you guys from and how did you meet?

Oz and I met in Victoria B.C at a DIGG show ( Oz's first live Hip hop project ) Oz is originally from Jamaica and spent alot of years growing up in Toronto before the winds of change brought him to Victoria. It is a bit difficult to say where i am from i grew up all over Canada. At this point I consider Victoria my Home Base.

3. So what's the vibe of Greenlaw? describe your sound.

Oz and i have been writing composing and performing together for over 10years, we started as a vocal M.C duo before we picked up instruments and became Greenlaw. We play live Dub Soul and DnB coupled with honest high vibration lyrics inspired by everyone's powerful ability to heal and overcome.

4. How did you link up with SS?

Oz and i had spent 8months iving Recording and performing in the UK two weeks after returning to Victoria B.C we were playing at a local spot called the MInt ,SS walked in sat down and listened carefully ...he signed us two days later.

5. I see your coming to see us in LA!, Are you guys in the states often?

We are excited to play a new Territory besides playing in Miami for the WODNB tour last year we haven't really had a chance to explore the States.

6. Who are some musical influences for you guys?

Bob Marely, Sizzla, Buju Banton are big influences for both Oz and I. RunDmc Tribe Called Quest, Digable Planets D'angelo, Mos Def, Sade, Donny Hathaway, Curtis Mayfield, ...on and on it goes.

7. What's on the line up as far as releases go?

Well we just finished recording two full albums with Formation Records One Downtempo Soul Album and one DnB Album we are in the process of releasing our single Warrior including 5 remixes SS, Influx Uk , and Booda are a just a few of the amazing producers involved. The Video for Warrior will be available for viewing on line March 17th.

8. Favorite food?

Oz and i both love traditional Jamaican Ackee and Saltfish, Oxtail Jerk Chicken, Plantain etc ....basically we try and eat as healthy and organic as possible especially on the road when you need every ounce of fuel you can get. I eat alot of salads and drink tons of water and fresh Juice.

9. Favorite vacation spot?


10. Last time you watched a movie, and what was it?

We watch alot of Foreign Films and Documentaries ...anything that ventures away from the traditional hollywood formula ..After the Wedding, Once, Leonard Cohen's biography and Rize are some movies that we have enjoyed recently.

11. Least favorite food?

Anything that makes us feel tired after eating.

12. Any news or shouts or anything?

First off big love to all the Indigenous Tribes of our Planet working hard to raise our Consciousness.Big Shout Out to DjSS and his family who have shown us nothing but love and support ......big shout out to our Families and big love to the Asquith house.



Tuesday, March 11, 2008



With all this heat pumping out of France lately, we think it only appropriate to shead some light on a new group breaking through. DIRTYPHONICS. Straight from Paris, these guys are causing the buzz buzz buzz lately, and with good reason. Their sound is fresh. -Its party music through and through.

After a 12.5 hour flight to Paris, I managed to catch up with them for some escargo & espresso and ofcourse to chat about who they are & what theyre all about...

WB: So, who are you and where are you from?

We are 4 producers from Paris, France. We also are 4 friends before everything else.

WB: How many guys are in Dirtyphonics?

Four, Capskod, Nicolas Malinowsky, Pho and Playte.

WB: How would you describe your sound & image?

Capskod: Our sound comes from many different cultures. We want it to be as innovative as possible.

Nicolas: We are cleverly raw, or rawly clever…

Playte: We do our thing. It’s all about having fun...we like to make our tracks like short stories and we pay lots of attention to the arrangement so they work both on the dancefloor and in your headphones.

WB: We love France & all your great indie artists who have emerged, your look is very "disco", which is unique for drum and bass, was it a conscious effort, or a direct reflection of where you guys come from?

Capskod: We decided to look like what we are, not like what drum and bass is.

Nicolas: Three of us are also working as graphic/pack designers, so it makes the whole “Dirtyphonics’ art direction” a very difficult thing to do. It has to suit to the four of us, and trust me, we have long talks about it...

WB: Who are some people you’ve looked up to in music?

Playte : Within the drum and bass scene we dig lots of guys... Subfocus, G Dub, Pendulum, Chase and Status, Cyantific, Baron, Hazard,...Xample is killing it at the moment ! Outside of the scene there are so many...

Capskod : Outside of the drum and bass scene I’d say : Daft Punk, Led Zepplin, Charlie Parker, Metallica, Mr Oizo...

Nicolas: I’m really into French hip hop from 95 to 98, early electronica from 75 to 80, and… jazz.
Pho: Wu-Tang, Hifana, Tucker, Refused

WB: If you could buy potatoes in any countrywhere would it be? Do you like potatoes?

Capskod: For sure I’d go for the freedom fries !

Nicolas: The red ones from my granny’s garden … There’s nothing like red onions, potatoes, and honey to add the sweet flavour

Pho: Anyhow, anywhere...

WB: Favorite synth?

Pho : MS-20 all the way...

Capskod: Mine’s probably the Massive and Playte’s gonna say his ‘cause he’s recently started making his own...

Playte: I have to say mine...but yeah Massive’s a killer...

Nicolas: I’m all about the oldies like the MS-20 or the microKorg for the more recent stuff...

WB: Current toothpaste brand?
Nicolas : Kingfisher Fennel natural toothpaste keeps my teeth kissing-friendly.

WB: Favorite kicks (shoes)?

Capskod: Very important question ! Maybe the Reebok Pump omni lite voltron ?

Nicolas: I have tons - but I walk in the same Vans half-cab everyday.

Playte: Nike SB forever ...

Pho: Any that are large enough to fit my feet...

WB: Are you into neon?

Pho : I like bulbs better

WB: What’s a Dirtyphonics show look like?

Playte: Lots of stuff happening all the time and pure energy ! Come and check it out by yourself on our ‘space (

Pho: It’s got the sweat of a rock band in a club way...

Capskod: It looks like something you love.

Nicolas: It looks like a very technical mess that makes your head bang and your nipples go hard.

WB: Any shouts or news, or anything?

Capskod: Shouts to Mc Youthstar, Mc Am’n, Mc Tali, Jenny K, Otis, the REDS crew, Pitch-In, Mara, Moate & Quinzer, my family...

Pho: Big up to Tha Trickaz !

Playte: Alanna, friends, family, anyone who’s pushin’ it forward ...big things to come soon...

Nicolas: Thank you !



As Winter Music Conference quickly approaches, a mass of DJs & producers are gathering promotional materials, checking their savings accounts and preparing for a week long party on the streets of South Beach.

...I caught up with DJ SS over the weekend, to get the 411 on this years World of Drum and Bass events...

1. So how long has WODNB been running, and what got you started on it?

WODNB been running since 97 so 11years... we set up WODNB in WMC Miami just to let the people in there boxes know about our music...cause back then it was all about house

2. I see it’s touring across the US, when did you decide to take it on the road?

We do the WONDB tour every year really to promote the brand & the Miami event.... we also do WODNB shows worldwide the new WODNB site will be online from tomorrow…

3. Are you looking forward to Miami, and what are your feelings about this year’s event?

Looking to forward to Miami as every year but I think that its been kind of rinse out plus the prices for hotel & stuff are stupid I know there not a lot from the UK coming over no more cause of the prices..... I just think it’s lost what it was all about now, but it’s nice to catch up with every 1.

4. Good stuff, any promotion you wanna drop? Shouts?

Big up to the true D&B heads cause its all about the music check out the all new formation records site & watch out for the new band called GreenLaw there on the WODNB tour 2008 & new artist called dub zero big things for 2008. Respect, the dj like the SS.


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im calling it music video mondays.
a friend turned me back onto these guys.
loving this 1.

Zero 7 "Destiny"
directed by Tommy Pallotta


Found this on the internets today... very cool.


Get 2 know these guys...

Saturday, March 8, 2008

MAKOTO: On Assignment.

International playboy Makoto is up 2 it again!, back in the studio a whole new bag of beats, heres whats up...

1. So Makoto, I see you've been busy, can you fill the readers in on what’s been going on?

Been doing quite many collaborations, just done 4 new tunes with Marky, but our EP called Rush Hour EP will be released on Innerground which we have been doing over 2years. also I have done a collaboration with Zinc which will be released on Bingo with me & Deeizm track called "monotonik". Also trying to start my own label called "Human Elements"...1st single will be collaboration with Marky.

2. How’s the drum and bass scene in Japan?

I feel like it's just not going forward or going back at the moment. we need more producers from Japan !

3. Speaking of which, i noticed u did a track w/ T-ak? He’s new yeh?

Yeah I have done a track with him for Hospital records, he lived in London for 8 years, came back here a year ago. - He is good producer.

4. Been traveling a lot and if so, where have u been lately?
I have been locked in the studio for 3 month, no Djing. really trying to improve my sound, got few new analog device recently hehe

5. onto much more exciting topics, what’s your favorite snack?
Japanese rice cake

6. Favorite beverage?
Café latte

7. Top Ten?
1. Marky & Makoto feat Deeizm / Aquarius / white
2. Zinc & Makoto feat Katy / Fade Away / Bingo
3. Random Movement / Psychedelic Drainpipe / Innerground
4. Electro Soul System / With You / White
5.4 Hero / Look Inside (nu tone remix) / white
6. Johnny L / Oh Yeah / Mr. L
7. Benga & Coki / Night (zinc remix) / Tempa
8. Sonic / Contact / Bingo
9. Redeyes & Mutt / Untitled / white
10. Vice Versa / Space Bridge / white



We love Evol Intent, and we love their album too. ERA OF DIVERSION, the debut album from Americas tuffest outfit is shreading the charts and causing a major buzz not only in the drum and bass scene, but everywhere else too, including like Wal-mart n shit...

....I managed to catch up with Gigantor at the gun range to ask a couple questions....

1. So, how was the experience writing the album?
The experience was a bit long, but it wasn't bad at all. In all reality, we started on this record 2-3 years ago, and slowly hacked away at it until we had what we felt was a good finished product.

2. How long did it take to complete, and how did you guys approach it, what were the vibes like in the studio?
It took about 2-3 years to do, we ended up a year over schedule. :P We started on the record around the time we finished police state. Studio wise, we rarely work in the same room, but vibes were good with the tunes we sent back and forth, so we wrapped em' up and put them on the record. Since we didn't want to do a record of just dark and brooding dnb, we were happy to bring a more melodic vibe on a lot of tunes and do some different styles.

3. How have the reactions been to it so far? And how do you feel about it now that its finished & released?
The reaction has been awesome to the record so far, unless everyone is blowing smoke up our collective ass. :P I was sort of nervous about how the non-dnb stuff would be received, especially in the drum and bass community, and I'm happy people have been behind the more experimental tracks. I'm definitely proud of it. The record has done insanely well on Amazon's digital download charts (breaking the top 25 OVERALL album sales! We hit 18 at one point), and we're doing pretty well on beatport too. Soon we should hit iTunes, hopefully we'll see the record do well there too.

4. So any plans for the album tour?
We have a bit of a tour put together right now, but nothing seriously grandiose. Eventually we might do the proper bus tour with the Live PA.

5. Sick, well congratulations on the release, its a huge album!, Any news or shouts or anything? News-wise, we have a collabo 12 coming out soon with Eye-D, and shortly thereafter we have Ewun's massive "Wun Nation" EP coming out; Ewun's EP is gonna be sick, every tune is a smasher!