Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Great big thanks for all the support at SoulGood this year, it's been incredible to watch this event evolve into a night of beautiful beats and soulful sexy vibes. I wanted to personally invite you to our last event of 2009 tonight to check our very special guests & sets. Starting off the evening will be our resident selecta DankOne [ 9pm - 10pm ] rolling you in with some groovy vibes ala Zero 7, Thievory Corporation, Ivy, Groove Armada & more... Following DankOne we will have our 1st special guest Dexterity [ 10-11:30 ] (who some of you may know under a different moniker) dropping in to some dope rare grooves, funk, soul, classic dance.. you know.. just get things nice and sweaty for our next guest...

At 11:30 Ernest Joy steps to the plate to bring what I expect, is going to be one of the sexiest things SoulGood's had in a while. Hang tight for some straight soulful 4/4 vibes (I'm talkin sonic BLISS). check out Ernest Joy @ for mixes and a bio. At @ 12:30 I'm gonna take to the stage for a very special DNB set with my favorite MC in Los Angeles, Kemst. spiff vibes inside; keep it dubby & deep, get ready. Want to thank, you ALL for all the support this year, it's been an awesome watching this event unfold. Big up for 2010, see you tonight !
Happy Holidays & Happy New Year

- Atlantic Connection

Little Temple Bar
4519 Santa Monica Blvd.
Hollywood, California
21+ / dress to impress / 9p-2a
Free w/ RSVP to:

Saturday, December 5, 2009


"Everything Up" featuring Henry Binns from the forthcoming album "Yeah Ghost."
For more on these artist and music, head over to
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Thursday, December 3, 2009


"I have spent over 10 years writing music, the majority of my work being drum and bass, so I wanted to write an album that wasn’t attached to a particular musical genre, to me it felt like feeling my way in the dark”.

"And that my friends is what interests me, a mystery re-ignited; A different story to tell; And it’s as simple as that; No frills just some music that I liked.
I hope a few of you do also." - Dominick Martin aka CALIBRE

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


With producer Mike Genato behind her, Irene Merring takes her first steps into the spotlight with "Sumthin' New" her debut EP.
A New York native with roots in soul & R&B, Irene Merring's first official project crosses genres and tempo's to bring us a completely fresh & exclusive vibe. The promo EP features remixes by
Plus Move featuring Future Kid (my personal favorite), RVRSplay, Atlantic Connection and the original mix respectively. Its a dope promo, as previously mentioned the Plus Move remix is bangin', definitely a producer to watch out for.
Irene's main producer Mike Genato of Mathematics is overseeing her LP due out Spring of 2010 and from what I've heard so far; it's gonna be one of the hottest projects of next year.
I got a chance to sit down with Mike Genato to discuss this project, his projects and whatever else came up, read below...

1. Mike, most of us know you from Mathematics; talk a little bit about some of the other projects you've done and are doing?

Yea, I've branched out a little bit over the years. I helped establish the Cool Weirdo sound of alternative R&B artist, Peter Hadar. So far we've worked on 2 albums and 2 EPs together (the 2nd of which will be dropped at the top of 2010). Along with that, I'm still producing with Mathematics, doing some collabos and production with indie-soul cat, DJ Dhundee, as well as LA-based artist Julz the Huntress. To fill up the time, I compose music for TV commercials (Nike, New Balance, Adidas - among others). But right now, my main projects are 02 Seconds... (From Being Committed), and Irene Merring, who is an incredible artist and songwriter. We just finished writing, producing, and recording her debut album and are gearing up for its release in 2010.

2. Tell us more about Irene Merring, how did you guys meet & how did you end up in the studio?

At the time, Irene was singin over DnB sets around NYC. She was put in contact with James, my partner in Mathematics, and he did tell me about her. Of course, I'm the fuckin' worst with remembering shit so when she hit me up, I didn't know who she was. In the end though, I think that worked out for the better. When I checked out her music, it was on the strength of her and not by recommendation from James or anything like that. I was impressed by her voice and songwriting and felt a collaboration between us could take both of our sounds to another level. That same night I did a show with Peter Hadar - opening up for J*DaVeY. I invited her out, she came thru, we instantly vibed, and I knew right there we'd make an unstoppable team. A few weeks later, we stepped into the studio and started on this journey, exploring different sounds and emotions. From the get, our chemistry was really tight that we ended up writing most of the album together, from scratch. Then I found out she was actually the singer James was tellin' me about. Kinda like it was in the stars, or some shit like that.

3. Her project seems very diverse in terms of genre, was this a consious decision or did you guys just vibe with different styles and like the outcomes?

I think it was a bit of both. We knew we didn't want to make a record that would be pigeon-holed. And we also didn't want this project to primarily come from soul or R&B. We knew those vibes are always in us and will always come thru the music, so we decided to explore some our other influences - like Grunge, Industrial, Trip Hop, Drum&Bass and House. That said, we didn't go into every session with a specific style to hit. We just kept things open, vibed, and let it come out of us.

4. Whats Irenes musical background? Are you the first producer she's worked with this closely?

Irene has a very diverse set of influences, ranging from The Cure, The Black Crowes, to Lady Miss Kier, to Nirvana, to Mariah Carey and N'Dea Davenport, to Jenna G. As a singer and songwriter, she started early. She went to renowned schools LaGuardia HS of Performing Arts and Berklee College of Music, sang background for Mariah Carey, toured the East-Coast US as a front-woman to a Boston-based funk band, wrote with various R&B production teams including Crucial Keys, and as I mentioned earler, sang overtop Drum&Bass DJ sets. At the time I met Irene, she was predominantly seen as a soul/R&B artist, but feeling unfulfilled as such, she wanted to incorporate more of her other influences into her sound. That led to us using more of the Rock and Electronic music inspirations we both shared as foundations to her songs. As for me, I'm definitely not the first producer she's worked with, but I will say I am the producer that's taken her sound the furthest.

5. Where can we catch you guys next?

At the moment, we'll be doing shows in support of the first single in the New York area. Go to and sign up to our mailing list to stay informed.

6. When's her album coming out and where can we find it?

We're gonna drop the album in Spring 2010, leading up to it with singles and remixes. All the releases will hit iTunes and Amazon worldwide. But signup to our mailing list, we'll regularly be giving away free music and exclusive songs to fans who've subscribed. The first single, entitled Sumthin' New, will be in digital download stores in time for the holidays. It features remixes by Plus Move, RVRSplay, and your very own, Atlantic Connection.

7. Lastly, any shout-outs ?

Yea first shouts to my partners and friends - Peter Hadar/Cool Weirdos, James/Mathematics, Chris Sholar, Twilight Tone, Polymath7, Roy Dank/Wurst, DJ Dhundee & Stimulus from the Brooklyn Bounce crew, my LA heads - Atlantic Connection, Julz the Huntress, DJ Remington, Norman at Nu-Soul Mag, and Anne Montone; Terminal Sect, Plus Move, RVRSplay, 02 Seconds... , My MO, Tyler John Tyler, Boogie, Coop, Syndrome Studio, Alien Kung Fu, and of course - save the best for last - Irene Merring.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


"GRAM Podcast Volume Five, Zero T and Messy MC: GRAM Artists Zero T and Messy MC take the controls for round five of the GRAM Podcast. Drum and Bass soldier Zero T has been smashing the circuit for more than just a minute and shows no signs of slowing down with releases forthcoming on Liquid V, Shogun Audio, Subtitles and the launch of his own label: Footprints. Messy MC has been making his own mark on dnb in the last few years taking front of stage for the EZ Rollerz band, Sonorous Music and countless promotions up and down the country and across the globe. This podcast is stacked full of upfront material including some of the forthcoming material from Zero Ts Footprints label, do not miss it !"