Tuesday, March 11, 2008


As Winter Music Conference quickly approaches, a mass of DJs & producers are gathering promotional materials, checking their savings accounts and preparing for a week long party on the streets of South Beach.

...I caught up with DJ SS over the weekend, to get the 411 on this years World of Drum and Bass events...

1. So how long has WODNB been running, and what got you started on it?

WODNB been running since 97 so 11years... we set up WODNB in WMC Miami just to let the people in there boxes know about our music...cause back then it was all about house

2. I see it’s touring across the US, when did you decide to take it on the road?

We do the WONDB tour every year really to promote the brand & the Miami event.... we also do WODNB shows worldwide the new WODNB site will be online from tomorrow…

3. Are you looking forward to Miami, and what are your feelings about this year’s event?

Looking to forward to Miami as every year but I think that its been kind of rinse out plus the prices for hotel & stuff are stupid I know there not a lot from the UK coming over no more cause of the prices..... I just think it’s lost what it was all about now, but it’s nice to catch up with every 1.

4. Good stuff, any promotion you wanna drop? Shouts?

Big up to the true D&B heads cause its all about the music check out the all new formation records site www.formationrecords.com www.wodnb.com & watch out for the new band called GreenLaw there on the WODNB tour 2008 & new artist called dub zero big things for 2008. Respect, the dj like the SS.


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