Saturday, March 8, 2008

MAKOTO: On Assignment.

International playboy Makoto is up 2 it again!, back in the studio a whole new bag of beats, heres whats up...

1. So Makoto, I see you've been busy, can you fill the readers in on what’s been going on?

Been doing quite many collaborations, just done 4 new tunes with Marky, but our EP called Rush Hour EP will be released on Innerground which we have been doing over 2years. also I have done a collaboration with Zinc which will be released on Bingo with me & Deeizm track called "monotonik". Also trying to start my own label called "Human Elements"...1st single will be collaboration with Marky.

2. How’s the drum and bass scene in Japan?

I feel like it's just not going forward or going back at the moment. we need more producers from Japan !

3. Speaking of which, i noticed u did a track w/ T-ak? He’s new yeh?

Yeah I have done a track with him for Hospital records, he lived in London for 8 years, came back here a year ago. - He is good producer.

4. Been traveling a lot and if so, where have u been lately?
I have been locked in the studio for 3 month, no Djing. really trying to improve my sound, got few new analog device recently hehe

5. onto much more exciting topics, what’s your favorite snack?
Japanese rice cake

6. Favorite beverage?
Café latte

7. Top Ten?
1. Marky & Makoto feat Deeizm / Aquarius / white
2. Zinc & Makoto feat Katy / Fade Away / Bingo
3. Random Movement / Psychedelic Drainpipe / Innerground
4. Electro Soul System / With You / White
5.4 Hero / Look Inside (nu tone remix) / white
6. Johnny L / Oh Yeah / Mr. L
7. Benga & Coki / Night (zinc remix) / Tempa
8. Sonic / Contact / Bingo
9. Redeyes & Mutt / Untitled / white
10. Vice Versa / Space Bridge / white



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