Thursday, January 10, 2008


So, Its the new year, bla bla bla. New trends, new music, new politics... and so the world turns. So we decided to kick this one off with an exclusive interview from celebrity d&b megastar John muther fuck*n B. Yes folks. Upon exiting his G4 our media team swarmed him and managed to hold him down long enough to ask these burning questions.

WB: 3 Favorite clothing companies?
JohnB: Seditionaries, Vivienne Westwood & Pony.

WB: Favorite magazine for leisure reading?
JohnB: Sunday Times Style Suppliment.

WB: Most recent movie you saw and how was it?
JohnB: I watched an old chris rock stand up show/movie from 99 or something, was ace,
did a great number on relationships; which spawned one of the all time classic PUA openers - the 'who lies more' opener.

WB: Any words for Britney?
JohnB: Hahaha, errrrm, more schoolgirl outfits plz thx & less perscription meds...

WB: Whats happening on the music front?
JohnB: Mr.Freud / Redsky Beta019 out February 11th on vinyl and the 25th on digital.

So there you have it. Straight from the man himself.
We hope you are happy.

Check his myspace page for tour dates:

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khal said...

if only he laughed while answering my questions.