Thursday, December 20, 2007


Hey Folks! It's been a funny old year for it started off with the site drifting aimlessly around cyberspace like some sort of destitute cruise liner, activity reduced to a minimum and incredible numbers of technical problems. But in the last few months it's gotten a lick of paint, a kick in the nether regions and a blood transfusion and it's creaking back into action again!

Jungle Republic made a welcome return too, with hundreds of junglists from all over the country making the trip to Kerry for another weekend of basslines, beats and booze. Calibre kicked arse all over the world and dropped another vintage year of tracks, Bassbin furthered it's reputation as one of drum and bass number one labels, Beta 2 & Zero Tolerance whisked up a storm with their releases this year, Jet Li and Source made their initial forays into the world of jungle labels with Phase 2 Recordings and the inimitable Code pushed the envelope even further with Subtle Audios releases, and Al Genetix continues to make waves with his wicked productions and live drum and bass PAs.

Elsewhere we've seen new nights and new producers making waves, new DJs breaking through and new faces at nights all over the country, not to mention other jungle soldiers keeping the vibe alive in the towns and countries of our small island. Anyway, this little mail is to remind you we are still here, and the site is now back to being THE place for irish junglists to get their fix, be it mixes, news, photos from gigs or just to waste the working day on the forums.

We also provide a haven for fans of other beat based music, and coming in 2008....a new sister site for idnb,!

So come on down and check it out if you've been away from us for awhile.


Anonymous said...

Please try not to use the span tag to force the white color of the link text. You're making it difficult to use RSS readers.

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