Thursday, January 10, 2008


That guy Mutt! Yeh he's some hot shit, you may know his releases on Renegade, or Creative Source, or Crisis or Nu Directions.. Fact is, Mutt is by far one of the most under-rated drum and bass artists around. His signature soul sound is untouchable and he's also just a really nice guy. We caught up with Canada's soul master to see whats really hood for 2008?

WB: So whats poppin playa? Whats up next on the platter?

MUTT: My next three releases will be 'Open Wide' on Horizons Music, 'GED (Halftime)' on Gremlinz new label Audio Decay, and 'The Cold Ones' for Loxy's imprint X-Tinction Agenda. Also an album is in the works for 2009 on Horizons Music. I also plan on doing a tour in europe in April, so it's going to be a busy year!

WB: Sweet, random, but tell us somthing you love about this music?

MUTT: I love the fact that its always changing and is constantly evolving and self referencing at the same time. I also like that there is so many flavours of it nowadays. Plus I love making it. Even if I had never gotten signed or anything I would still be cutting up breaks and samples in my little studio.

Contact: OR aim_muttfumble
Phone: 0117 9713822

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