Thursday, October 15, 2009



After beein around for 2 years and have 5 vinyl releases out so far and the 6th comin out this month and more then a dozen of digital releases we tought it's time to celebrate a little tiny bit and share few things with our fans and d'n'b listeners.

And our new board is open for registering aswell =>
for the people that register BEFORE 1st Of November we got something extra

We got a few free gifts for you guys.

We're gonna have 2 digital releases at once featuring Qumulus and the other one with Grimm begin November.

INMED013 - Qumulus - Begin Again / Better than Before
INMED014 - Grimm / Grimm & Nusense - Putting It Down / Soulful Music


We also got 2 free tunes specially for influenza media!

As the Trifonic rmx's can't brought out on vinyl/digital we had the agreement from the rmx artists in question to give them away for free trought us so big big thanks to Glen E Ston,The Square & Paul SG for this!!

Trifonic - Good Enough (Glen E Ston & The Square RMX)
Trifonic - Good Enough (Glen E Ston & The Square RMX) (Paul SG RMX)


Next up,we got 3 podcast specially made for the 2 years existens of Influenza Media featuring Paul SG with a All Influenza Mix,followed with The Square with a All The Square pussy mix and atlast but not least we got the big chief of Vandal Records Sks doing us a podcast.

The Square - 100% The Square Mix
Paul SG - 100% Influenza Mix
SKS - tba


Paul Saint Jack - Timeless
Paul SG - Grey Skin

And we got the first RMX Compitition goin on aswell with 2 tunes to rmx!!
You can do both or pick one of them.p
Parts will be available startin 1st Of November 2009 !!!!!!

!!! Deadline is 15th Of December 2009 !!!

You can add your own elements to it and you're not obligated to use all the parts in the samplepacks!!!!Make sure it's stays a bit in the sound of Influenza Media to garantue your options to have it released on it!

!!!! Samplepacks will be available 1st of November 2009 !!!!

Best way to deliver your version (320MP3) to us :
Sendspace and mail link to :
AIM : InfluenzaMedia (be sure u ID tagged your tunes properly so we can find out who sended what)

visit us :

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