Saturday, March 8, 2008


We love Evol Intent, and we love their album too. ERA OF DIVERSION, the debut album from Americas tuffest outfit is shreading the charts and causing a major buzz not only in the drum and bass scene, but everywhere else too, including like Wal-mart n shit...

....I managed to catch up with Gigantor at the gun range to ask a couple questions....

1. So, how was the experience writing the album?
The experience was a bit long, but it wasn't bad at all. In all reality, we started on this record 2-3 years ago, and slowly hacked away at it until we had what we felt was a good finished product.

2. How long did it take to complete, and how did you guys approach it, what were the vibes like in the studio?
It took about 2-3 years to do, we ended up a year over schedule. :P We started on the record around the time we finished police state. Studio wise, we rarely work in the same room, but vibes were good with the tunes we sent back and forth, so we wrapped em' up and put them on the record. Since we didn't want to do a record of just dark and brooding dnb, we were happy to bring a more melodic vibe on a lot of tunes and do some different styles.

3. How have the reactions been to it so far? And how do you feel about it now that its finished & released?
The reaction has been awesome to the record so far, unless everyone is blowing smoke up our collective ass. :P I was sort of nervous about how the non-dnb stuff would be received, especially in the drum and bass community, and I'm happy people have been behind the more experimental tracks. I'm definitely proud of it. The record has done insanely well on Amazon's digital download charts (breaking the top 25 OVERALL album sales! We hit 18 at one point), and we're doing pretty well on beatport too. Soon we should hit iTunes, hopefully we'll see the record do well there too.

4. So any plans for the album tour?
We have a bit of a tour put together right now, but nothing seriously grandiose. Eventually we might do the proper bus tour with the Live PA.

5. Sick, well congratulations on the release, its a huge album!, Any news or shouts or anything? News-wise, we have a collabo 12 coming out soon with Eye-D, and shortly thereafter we have Ewun's massive "Wun Nation" EP coming out; Ewun's EP is gonna be sick, every tune is a smasher!




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