Wednesday, March 10, 2010


My boy Keith sent me over some info on a party crackin off in NYC tomorrow night. Looks like fun, bring ya scarf!

Nightwerks launch party tomorrow night in NY is going to be an event not to miss!! Heres the info.

*Every 2nd Thursday of each month at the new Knitting Factory in Williamsburg the Production trio known as Nightwerks will be bringing some of the most talented DJ's, Producers and Performers in electronic music they know.

You can go to for more details. The
site is being updated daily and will have links to music up soon

This months musical guests:

[left-field techno/dubstep live set]

Dj Pos

Clay Nyse
[drum & bass]

Rajeev Maddela and Brandon Epperson
[live performance w/ visuals]

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