Tuesday, March 2, 2010

25 TO LIFE / 3.4.10 - Vanguard, Hollywood / HOSTED BY JULZ THE HUNTRESS

Known throughout the world as one of the hottest female MC’s in electronic music, Los Angeles based Julz the huntress has taken on a brand new endeavor; event coordination. She’s doing one of the freshest parties in LA at one of the biggest and most renowned venues in America, Vanguard. If you’ve ever spent more than 10 min in the presence of miss Julz, you’ll know her passion for theatrics and visual presentation, so coordinating a massive event (like the one we’re about to discuss) should come as no surprise, as it’s just another facet to this multi-talented individual.

On March 4th, 2010 Julz the huntress presents 25 to Life, a multi-genre, multi-visual, multi-theatrical event held at Hollywood’s massive venue, Vanguard. 25 to Life will feature 9 DJ’s of top caliber, 3 dance performances by some of LA’s most in demand choreographers, live art installations, 1 live band and a host of musical vibes including dubstep, house, hip hop, reggae and more… We took a few min to sit down w/ Julz to get specifics on this event and also what goes into coordinating a project of this scale.

Julz, thanks for taking the time, so lets start at the beginning, how did this event come about?
My good friend laurel hit me up about a month ago to help her coordinate an anniversary party for a recording studio in Hollywood. The studio (Westbeach Recorders) is celebrating their 25th year in business and wanted to throw a blow out bash. It’s the recording studio across from the Vanguard in Hollywood-next thing you know they booked the Vanguard for the event- I was given the green light to do my thing and I’ve been runnin with it ever since.

What made you decide to incorporate such multi-media when you could just book a few big DJ’s and call it a day?
Julz: Having the freedom to utilize the space and the stage is the inspiration. I always like to push the envelope when creating a visual and creating a memory. This was the perfect opportunity to do just that. Laurel and I brainstormed on a lot of ideas and because both of us have a dance/choreography background it was important to us that we make it really special and incorporate many forms of media and performance.

In our personal discussions, you’ve expressed your desire to create large scale theatrical events, do you think this is a vision coming to fruition?
Julz: Yes! Having the opportunity to produce something at such a great venue has been amazing. I’ve been able to put on some cool shows through the years but this is definitely the most hands on I’ve been with all aspects of an event. I’m really excited about the fashion shows- combining dance, fashion and music. This is all heading in the direction of the bigger vision I have for Bass Brat Productions and my music.

How long does it take to plan an event like this & what stresses go into creating an event of this size?
Julz: It can take several months to plan something like this but we’ve managed to get it together in one month. Because of the time crunch I’ve pretty much been living eating and breathing this event for the past 4 weeks. Coordinating everyone’s schedules for rehearsals and meetings is probably the toughest part. I love it though…this is what I live for.

How many people are involved in bringing this vision to life, and what’s it like organizing all that?
Julz: Looking at my roster there are about 60 people involved in this production. That’s not including the sound engineers, lighting and security. I’ve had a few overwhelming moments but I also have a lot of great support and a great team to work with. I like to compare putting on a good show to cooking a good meal- Its all about timing and being able to work under pressure.

How has the club been in the development of your event? Supportive?
Julz: Laurel and Donell from Westbeach have done most of the communicating with the club so far but overall they seem pretty supportive. I think at first the venue was a bit shaky about the event because when the venue was booked we didn’t know what we were going to do yet... but now we have a lot of momentum and things are great.

Tell us more about the artists you have performing and creating, how did you choose them?
Julz: There are way to many artists to list but I will say this…All of them from the dj’s to the hair and makeup are friends of mine and are extremely talented. I chose them because they have a great energy and attitude. I am so grateful for the support they’ve all given me and can’t wait to see them do their thing on Thursday!

Do you want to do more of these type of events?
Julz: Absolutely!

Where can our readers find out more about the event and get tickets for it?
Julz: Facebook event page: http://tiny.cc/Fw1O7
RSVP for free entry before 11PM: 25tolifersvp@gmail.com

This event is also in conjunction with a battle of the bands contest. Find out more information on how to enter here:


Any last words or shouts?!
Julz: A big shot out to the Wesbeach Recorders recording studio. Without their existence we would not be putting on this event. They have been recording bands such as NOFX, Offspring, Sublime, Blink 182, Rancid and Bad Religion over the last 25 years. It’s an awesome studio and I’m happy to be helping them out. I’d also like to thank Laurel for asking me to be a part of this event, Ian (AKA DJ Havoc) for making such an awesome flyer. Jo-Jo MF Diggs and Dante7 for being the awesome choreographers that they are and Mr. Sam Uptown who has helped keep me sane throughout this process!

ps* check out Julz' music project Cruel Rumour / Cruel Rumour "FLY" (free download)