Monday, February 22, 2010


Floridian based producer Will Miles drops by WB Blogs to answer 10 burning questions....

1) Favorite gig of the year so far?
WM: NYE in Raleigh, NC

2) Favorite tune of the year so far?
WM: Kjell - Andersonian

3) One piece of software you can't do without:
WM: FL Studio 9 XXL (extended memory)

4) Will you be attending WMC?

5) What events are you most looking forward too at WMC?
WM:Definetly looking forward to the Stank Love party @ Jazid on the 24th. The monthly dnb event will see its first WMC appearance in 2010. A killer dnb, as well as dubstep line-up will please all who attend. The Bassdrive Showcase with support from the Metalheadz camp is going to again be a must for all the DNB headz and music lovers in general. I'll unfortunately miss Friday night because I'm traveling to Philly to play Droppin' Science @ The Arts Garage. If there are any other shows anyone thinks I should attend, hit me up!

6) What projects do you have lined up this year?
WM:This year's main focus will be on web releases; through the launch of a new website called, "Digital Aspirin" with Eduardo Rodriguez, and my own label "Miles A. Head". I'm also working on an EP with Stereotype. We recently made some noise (literally) with Random Movement who is on tour. I've recently been back to teaching guitar and music theory, privately.

7) What producers are you rating atm?
WM: So many to list...Kjell, D Bridge, Serum, Random Movement, Stereotype, Vapour, Bladerunner, Ed Oberon, Big Bud, Atlantic Connection, Martyn, Breakage, S.P.Y., Flaco, Spectra Soul, Dave Owen, Sabre, Bal, and I do unfortunately rate my own tracks, but not because I think I'm the shit, but because I enjoy the end product of self expression. (The list of producers goes on and on btw).

8) Where can we hear more about you?
WM: Honestly, I am no good at getting the word out there about what it is I'm up to. Thankfully West Bay has an outlet for me to get the written word out there. I'll be blogging on "Digital Aspirin" and you can hit me on AIM-milesadread and I'll give you the skinny. Also facebook and

9) What's your non-dnb top ten?
Isley Brothers-Voyage to Atlantis
Busta Rhymes & J Dilla-Takin' What's Mine
Joao Gilberto-Sampa
Guilherme Arantes-Choro Molequinho
Clyde Alexander & Sanction-Got to Get Your Love(Special Kenny Dope Edit)
12th Planet-Control(Skream Remix)
Stacy Kidd-Let Love Enter
SpongeBob SquarePants intro
Symphony # 9, third movment by Beethoven

10) What's your dnb top ten?

Ray Keith-Round 2
Kjell-Grand Groove
Will Miles-Die 4 It
Random Movement-A Good Start Say No
A Sides-Rebel Rouser
Bladerunner-Mercenary Dub
Will Miles-Milers
Serum & Bladerunner-Chalice
Will Miles & Stereotype-I Know Not Why

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