Wednesday, February 24, 2010


No introduction need be given to today's "10 Questions w/" artist. DStar is the man, period. Tunes are killer, he's been runnin Philly w/ his squad for way over 10 years, he's released on mad impri.. Just read below.

1) Favorite gig of the year so far?
DS: We started the new years off right in D.C. at a 3D/ Steez Promo party w/ Dieselboy , myself, Mason, Armanni & Sharpness ....and I’d have to say the Down Jones record release party in Philly last weekend was absolutely poppin’!

2) Favorite tune of the year so far?
DS: Favorite DNB tune(s) this year so far- Mix Master Doc- "Still Here", Reactiv-"the Watcher", and Dstar -"40k (Dstar & mason remix)! For dubstep I’d have to say Dr. P- "Sweetshop", the Angel "Kush (down jones rmx), and J.Rabbit "I’m so happy" on Reid speeds Play me label. .....But also, the secret weapon of Philly and Down Jones tag team partner End Boss.......big tingz coming on p5 Records out of Philly from him.

3) One piece of software you can't do without:
DS: Logic, Exs24, multi press....Es1.

4) Will you be attending WMC?
DS:Yes! I will be attending the WMC! What’s up with some fishing and some yucca fries again!? oh...I’ll be performing at 'witness the sickness' 3/24, World of DnB-3/25 and Metalheadz / Bassdrive party 3/ of now ! Look me up for DNB sushi 2010!

5) What events are you most looking forward too at WMC?
DS: Always honored to play the headz party, always love bringing a demanding philly presence to the WODNB room and looking forward to Witness the Sickness as its Down Jones album release party and switch hats to Dstar vs Mason! i'll be tagging dubstep with End Boss that evening tho....don't miss his rare appearance!

6) What projects do you have lined up this year?
DS: GASM- Adversary series- consists of a 12" feat. Dstar long awaited '40k' b/w Perpetuum long awaited 'Fate of a Legend' ...siiiick! available also on digital download with the following series of releases by Mason feat. Mental Sharp, Noah D., Chino, Djunya & Neglect, new kid FRESH to death from Miami 14 years old Pytchlocka coming strong on Gasm with the flip being a Dylan rmx of his smasher 'March of the Mutilated"....not to be slept on...

Also launching a label with collective hosting dubstep / 4/4 / and soulful 12" and exclusive downloads from End Boss, Down Jones, Beastmode, Strange and more! high quality biddness for the masses... Also huge remix's for The Angel from l.a. .. "Ultralight" (Dstar & Mason rmx) available now on Supacrucial Records ( and upcoming The Angel's tune "Kush" with the long awaited smash up rmx anthem from Down Jones... and big right now is DOWN JONES "DUMB IT DOWN" on Foul Play records full length album April 2010,,,12" available now of "Do it To it" (6blocc rmx) and "foul Play rep. feat. Mad Cobra" ,,,upcoming 12" "Dumb it Down/ b/w the Chase feat. Armanni Reign" ..

7) What producers are you rating atm?
DS: There are so many new amazing producers i hear every day sometimes its hard to remember! As I stated I’m honored to present to the world the next DNB prodigy Pytchlocka. I’ve always been a huge fan of Gremlinz, really feeling the soulful side from Jayrome, Sol.ID, Dave Shickman, Original Ninja, Kuru, and of course Mr. Atlantic Connection himself...on the harder tip all kinds of material from youngins to o.g.'s....Gridlocks album had some “killz” on it, Tech Itch always twists one to knock you over!

8) Where can we hear more about you?
DS: You can hear more about me on,,, ALL of which are recieving some the serious needed makeovers needed...

9) Whats your non dnb top ten?
Down Jones - 'Do it To it ' 6blocc Remix
J.Rabbit - 'I’m So Happy' Play me records
End Boss- "Mudd"- p5 records
Dr. P- "Sweetshop"
DmnDays- "rape escape"
Bar 9 - 'the Beginning'
Craze - "Drop to the Flo" -
Reso- "Rumble feat. Vent"
Noah D. - 'that hardcore tune'
Valta & Minikin- "B.Fed Up" !!!!!

10) whats your dnb top ten?
Pytchlocka - "March of the Mutilated"- Gasm
Mix Master Doc- "Still Here"- Driven Am
DJunya & Neglect - "Nohmads"- Gasm
Kuru - "howard"-
Morphy & 9Tails Fox- " Disco 3"
Dstar- "40 K (Dstar & Mason rmx)- Gasm
Atlantic Connection- "soul Musiq (Gremlinz rmx)
Sol.ID & Dave Shichman - "Breaking the HAbit"
Original Ninja & NRanges- "Temple"
Morphy & Edward Oberon- "voodoo Stew

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