Friday, October 9, 2009


Today I’m gonna spotlight a project I have with my home girl Julz (the huntress).
A brief introduction to Julz and then we’ll get to some music.
Born and raised in Los Angeles, Julz the huntress has lived a life in the entertainment industry. Growing up in a Long Beach dance studio, Julz quickly went from student to teacher / choreographer / professional dancer and during the late 90’s started singing and writing lyrics, which would later become the foundation for her career.

Her first lyrical passion and notoriety came from her skills on the mic at drum and bass events. Julz’ abilities and energy on the mic rivaled established emcee’s and furthermore, succeeding in a male dominated scene, Julz proved herself a solid asset to the west coast music industry. Eventually Julz picked up several residencies from LA to San Diego and graced stages w. some of the most respected and well known DJ’s in the world; but this wasn’t enough. She took to the mic booth and started recording. Building relationships with other emcees, Julz went on to write and record with artists like Lady MC, Armanni Reign, Kemst, Dre & Whiskey Pete. [ The genre gates swung open ] By 2005 Julz was writing and recording multi-genre projects that included hip hop, breaks, deep house & electro as well as performing live shows under her signature production group “BASS BRAT”.

So lets skip forward to 2007 when I met Julz. We were introduced by a mutual friend at an event in Orange County and we instantly clicked. I was currently working on my 1st album and was looking for a female emcee to take on a track I had written titled “Around the World”. Julz was up for the challenge and took to the booth collaborating with UK legend Lady MC and what they came with, was nothing short of amazing.

Julz and I continued to work building up a collection of material, and around mid 2008 we decided to give our project a name and Cruel Rumour was born.

What’s the rumour all about?
Well, its what we live, is where we are, it’s a play on the nonsense world Los Angeles can spit at you on a daily basis where everything is hyped, everything glam, everything opulent, a bit fake and you’re just a bystander. What’s our sound?
That’s hard to describe, we go with the flow; sometimes its booty hip hop “Sk8 Shop” sometimes it’s fluid house music “Disco Trip” but whatever genre we knock out it’s guaranteed to carry a solid flow and memorable riffs.

Check us out @ CRUEL RUMOUR MYSPACE and enjoy the free downloads below.


10/29 - Buzzboat - Miami
10/30 - Buzzboat - Bahamas
10/31 - Buzzboat - Bahamas
11/1 - Buzzboat - Miami
11/2 - Encore show (D&B) @ Miami

CRUEL RUMOUR "DISCO TRIP EP" (free download)
CRUEL RUMOUR "SO TRUE" ft.DRE (free download)

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