Wednesday, September 2, 2009



Los Angeles, California

So Saturday evening and with a group of great friends, I headed to the Smog 3 year anniversary party in downtown Los Angeles. The evening started out as any other would, few drinks, chat and the anticipation of having our entire bodies shook from the low end bass theory we were about to stand in for 4 hours. We left the house around 10:30pm and made our way.

When we came within a quarter-mile of the venue, you could hear it. I think it was rattling the street lamps. We parked and made our way into the venue. It was broken into two large areas.. inside & outside. The outside area was massive, a giant SMOG logo was lit up against one of the outside walls shining down on DTLA. The back area was filled with local clothing vendors, artists and a food joint I think?

APX-1 was killing it, treating the audience to a funk, hip hop, electro breaks set. A huge circle of dancers opened up near the stage and nabbed the attention of everyone near. Flashes were everywhere; at least 2 separate camera crew's filming the event. Needless to say theres gonna be some amazing video floating around about this.

I headed inside to check out the main room. 12th Planet was currently owning things; and if that wasn't enough, Ras Kass made a special appearance and rocked the mic. The crowd was goiong apesh*t and the bass was low. This was a huge night.

By the time Plastician came on, people we're so riled up I thought there was gonna be a small riot. Playing an extremely tough set, Plastician show'd LA ZERO mercy and shook downtown off its foundations.

*Smog a success. Massive respect to this crew for holding it down as they have.
If you're in LA... you gotta attend a SMOG event.

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