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This week we're featuring SAM XL's bday bash at BASSFACE featuring Benny Page. Sam XL is an originator of the LA music scene. With roots stretching back into the late 80's. One of the founding fathers of the LA electronic music scene, Sam's contributions to the community are unparalleled; running nights, labels, record stores as well as furthering his own career as a DJ and producer. I caught up with Sam for a bit to chat about where he's been and where he's going.

1) You've been involved in the LA music scene for quite some time, can you tell us about what you've done, what you're at and where you're going?

This weekend I celebrate my 41st birthday and I've been involved with the underground music scene in Socal since 89, Holy crap...that's 20 years now!!! From Djing at event's, throwing event's, weeklies, + i've owned two record store's (Soma), then was blessed to run the infamous BEATNONSTOP (West Coast underground Mecca on Melrose) which then turned into the Temple of Boom which I ran with my partner Hazen. I also was an artist on and ran several record labels out of Beatnonstop recording as the Coastal Commission on P.C.H records, Seductive, Beatnonstop, Pacific House Brand, Pacific Traxx and XXXL/Crimescene Unit & Troubled Mindz on Crimescene that's some of the stuff I've been involved in the past.

More recently I shifted my energies to a night and building a Soundsystem called Pure Filth that I started with friends in this basement speakeasy in Dtown called the Higgin's Gallery. This night/soundsystem became the foundation for the Dubstep scene in Los Angeles's/Socal area and the platform for what we have today with parties like BASSFACE & Smog etc. The BASSFACE brand was formed about a year and a 1/2 ago to encompass all forms of underground music and not just be strictly dubstep like the PURE FILTH event's...there's also a Pure Filth Audio record label in the works with material from myself & DZ, 6Blocc, Gunjack, DJ G & many more...The commitment to the Soundsystem came after the phenomenal response we got at Higgin's Gallery from the Dj's/Dancers alike to what we were doing with sound manipulation. After Djing for years in L.A I got fed up with shitty sound, arrogant soundmen and just terrible conditions for Dj's in general. I've now tried to apply what I've learned over this expanse of time to help create a dj/dancer friendly environment that is underground...but not Ghetto...this is what I am committed to alongside exposing people to music/performers/producers that I feel are really pushing the envelope sonically and mentally through out the globe.

2) Having watched the scene grow over the years (electronic music overall) would you say it's in a healthy state these days?

Yes...I'd say we're in a renaissance of sort's.....I haven't seen the electronic dance scene this healthy since about 91/92...a genuine excitement from all sides..all genres...dancers/dj's/producers/promoters alike...I'm really happy I stuck it out through what was a drought of filtered french disco house for many years that almost drove me out of the scene!!!

3) So tell us about Saturday night, its your bday (happy bday) and its gonna be a huge party. How'd you choose the line up? whats the sound gonna be like? what styles of music?

I chose the line up (as I always try to) by placing artist's together that I feel will compliment one another and form a cohesive musical journey over the evening...the Sound will be proper, crisp mid's and high's that don't tear your head off and Bass that might blow your sock's off!!! The style's of Subase music will range from Dubby stuff with Remo to Experi-mental dance by Jaybird to Electro, 808, D n B from you & Julz. Me and Pablo will bring some up front Dub's and then Benny will come with his signature Ragga flavor's no doubt before 6 Blocc bring's that L.A GhettoBass that is a sound/style all of his own refined like a fine wine over many years and many parties!

4) So lets talk about your own production, what do you have going on and who are you working with?

This last year or so I've been fortunate to work alongside Technical Itch forming a production team called SMUT. Our first choon "Badman Place" got licensed to Skream's "Watch the Ride" mix Cd. I also have worked with Breakage on a toon that was slated to be picked up by Deep Medi but when Jame's (Breakage) signed to Digital Soundboy for an album deal and everything got put on hold, look's like the toon will come out on PFA (Pure Filth Audio with Warrior Queen spitting over it, keep ya ears to the ground!) More recently me and DZ from Canada have been working together remixing Ray Keith's classic "Something Out There" (which can be found here for FREEEEEEE!) AND A 12" called "Cotton Candy" that just got signed to MRK1's Contagious label out of Manchester.

5) Nice. Thanks for the interview, any shoutouts or last words?

Yeah I'd like to shout out my beautiful Wife and Life partner Nexy for putting up with my eccentric ass and give a Big up to all the people that have supported me and contributing to the underground over the's a really exciting time right now that I think we'll be telling stories to our Grand kids GET INVOLVED!!!!




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