Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Above is a picture of Netherlands based producer LENZMAN. he's hot right now, real hot. He's signing to multiple labels including Metalheadz, Shogun, Integral and many many more. His sound? Well its certianly signature, does it reflect the vast fields of flowers and coffee shops the Netherlands is so notorious for? Well, it kinda does. This guy's on some super slick soul sounds.
...We caught him admist arrangements for his sisters wedding and light purchases at Bulldog cafe' and insisted he divulge whatever info he had in his head ...

1) Lenzman, its been a while since we've spoken, can you catch the readers up on what you've been busy with lately?

Apart from my recent releases (Emeralds, Soul Patrol Remix, Sugar Hill) I've been working on a new 12 for Integral (with Redeyes). Also I've just finished my debut for Metalheadz (Coincidence with Jo-s) with will feature on a V/A EP and I'm also working on my debut solo 12 for them. Other than that I've got some remix projects on the go and have been pretty busy DJing (Europe and Japan)

2) So tell us more about Metalheadz, how did you link up with them?

Well Goldies been very supportive of my music and he had been after something for Headz for a while. I guess it was just a case of me developing and refing my sound a bit more and coming up with the right tracks in the end. And hopefully it will lead to more things in the future.

3) How was Japan, how is the scene there?

I really loved it out in Japan. The thing I noticed the most was how pationate the people there are about the music. They really know their shit and I don't think I've ever seen a crowd that enthusiastic before... Honesty I have much love for my Japanese crew!

4) Thats good stuff, so lets chat music more, are you producing anything outside of d&b right now?

Yeah I do that sometimes. But usually just for a laugh more than anything. If I do, it would be Hiphop or Deep House. In the future I would like to get more into making other styles of music. But up to know I've been concentrating more on perfecting my Drum & Bass.

5) Any thoughts on a d&b album?

Yes definately. Currently I am talking to a big label about it. I really don't want to rush into anything though. I think you see a lot of artists feel the need to rush an album out there as soon as the opportunity presents itself. Of course I'd love to put one out, but I'm just developing my sound & style, sorting out details with the label and once everything falls in place there'll hopefully be an album at the end!

6) So we've seen alot of tracks with you & westbay artist Jo-S (on vocals), tell us a little bit more about this connection, how did it happen, are you guys planning an EP project together or anything?

Well, I first heard Jo-S's vocals on a Sinistarr track. I really liked it and the vocals and when Jo-S hit me up on Myspace things just really went from there. I can't remember if I asked him to work with me or visa vera, but first thing we did together was 'Emeralds'. Obiviously that went on to do really well with it coming out on Shogun Ltd. Since then we have done a few things and it seems that whenever we do a tune together, a big label is there to put it out! We don't have any plans for putting out a bigger project at the moment. I think both Jo-S and myself have done some wok with other artists recently. But we'll certainly do some new music together soon.

7) So thanks so much for taking the time to answer our questions, do you have any last shouts, info or anything you'd like our readers to know?

First of all want to give a big shout to the Westbay crew for the interview! Thanks to the readers for the interest and keep checking my myspace for updates, news and anything Lenzman! Peace




Set for an October release are two snazzy pieces of funk currently burning it up on the DJ circuit. "High & Low" (currently being rinsed on the BBC 1Xtra daytime playlists) is an absolute sex-pot of a track. Rolling blues piano riffs accompany mysterious vocals hinting at subtle evenings filled with good wine an beautiful sunsets. This ones for the lovers inside.
On the flipside we have "Thieves in the Night", a more uptempo roller, still laden with groovy piano and rhodes riffs, this ones more of a "Lets wake up together" kind of track. Rolled out beats and smooth sub tones make "Theives in the Night" a must have track. Infact this 12" is a must have, we think Lenzman needs to do more tracks with Redeyes.

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