Tuesday, September 1, 2009


"keeping it tropical"

We all dream about spending afternoons lounged out on tropical beaches surrounded by coconut palms and azure waters. Well imagine THAT + drum and bass = WIN. Which is exactly what Honolulu's Pacific Jungle crew have done.

Established in 2005 & founded by Gin Carter, Pacific Jungle was created to support & promote "Subphonix" Hawaii's longest running drum and bass monthly event. With a team of incredible DJ's and producers including Antikkz, Meilo, Synrgy & Empyr, the Pacific Jungle team have risen to become one of the premiere drum and bass crews off the US mainland.

With a string of successful events and guest appearances from artists like John B, Evol Intent, DJ Lee, Ed Rush and more, Pacific Jungle crew have solidified themselves as professional and viable contributors to the electronic music scene.

In 2008 Pacific Jungle expanded their sonic reach kicking off "Broken Liquid" a new monthly showcasing soulful drum and bass, dubstep, electro house, glitch and more.
Clearly Pacific Jungle crew have their sh*t together, continuing to build, develop and maintain a solid scene on a small island.

Swing by http://www.wkphotog.com/ to check out more pictures from Pacific Jungle crew!

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Anonymous said...

Yup, Pacific Jungle Crew is great! They really do have their shit together.