Tuesday, September 15, 2009


"The boys have been locked away in the studio for about a year now and things are finally shaping up. Expect a double CD and yet-to-be-decided vinyl format. As far as a release date, they don't want to compromise on anything so a deadline hasn't been set. This is also why no tracks have been in circulation in the scene, as they want to avoid some of the tunes being rinsed to fuck by the time it gets released!

For followers of both artists this album will be a surprise. If you expect Anatomy part 2 you'll be very far off the mark. Re-inventing themselves completely but still retaining the perfectionist approach to production they both share, the album will be a true adventure beyond the signature sound they developed on their last LP. Whilst they have been exploring a diverse range of DnB styles, Calyx has been fine tuning his immense musical skills, while TeeBee has been taking a trip down memory lane and rediscovered his love for in-depth beat programming. The most exciting progression for them both is the venture into other musical forms like House, Minimal, Techno, Breaks, Hip Hop, and more experimental sounds / time-signatures / tempos, as well as working more with vocals.

With a total of about 50 projects/tracks in varying stages of completion, they are currently trying to tie it all together, finding the right 16-20 trax for the LP and finishing them off. Exciting!!!"

There is also a Spor remix of "Make your Choice" coming in the future.

If you want to book Calyx & TeeBee doing their 6 dex / 2 mixer thing, email tmgagency@gmail.com

That is all for now.

Big up!

Press release taken from www.dogsonacid.com

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