Friday, August 28, 2009



1. Sinistarr, you've been climbing the ranks my man, tell us about your current projects and label signings?

Thanks man... Currently it seems as if it's remix season! I've got some remixes I'm doing for Digilab records, Touched by records, Mutt, and a special one for Detroit label Exchange Bureau Music... I've also signed yet another track to Creative Source called "your obsession", and a 12" for Phunkfiction - The Blip/I'm Not Done

2. Are you DJing out much right now? Any tours in the works?

Thanks to the AMAZING work of my agent, Dave Shichman @ Driven AM, I've been getting more and more gigs as the year is coming to an end. I'm playing in Austin, TX and there are tentative shows lined up for Vermont and Miami, more to come on a stateside tour!

3. Whats your opinion of electronic music in America right now?

Couldn't be a better time for the music, I'd say. with the rise of dubstep blurring the lines of dnb with techno and house (more than before, or ever in that case), it becomes easier to blend new or current styles into your work, making it something unique - like it's always been, but taking it to a higher plateau.

4. Theres been a whole wave of new d&b producers in the states who've emerged in the past couple years. Guys like stunna, mixmaster doc, calculon, submorphics who are gaining fans who've never even heard of d&b before, do you feel theres a responsibility that comes with that? And if so, how are you as a producer going to educate the young masses about d&b? Or does it even matter?

I feel it's like this: If you are a producer and a dj looking to get on some good labels and rep where you are from, especially if you are from the states, there's definitely some responsibility involved, that means staying current with everything that's going on - i.e., checking your record stores, the list goes on...
As a producer, I strive to have a fresh, young sound that captivates a lot of what is going on in Detroit in terms of non-dnb music, house, hip hop, techno - you name it, I'm listening to it ! I think I've caught more of the "older or come of age" crowd in terms of my music, and the younger crowd follows suit cause of the support given- so to answer the question (LOL) - it doesn't matter, I make music for everyone!

5. Are you strictly drum and bass? It seems these days most producers are expanding to multi-genre production, are you?

I'm so spuratic when it comes to other genres, it's ridiculous. I have been working on some tech house and broken beat/downtempo hip hop tracks... really want to go into doing some work for commercials, so I've been getting my productions skills up for doing that.

6. Enough about music, what are your favorite movies?

Guy Ritchie films (Snatch, Lock Stock, Revolver), Judd Apatow films or films with his entourage in it (Superbad, Adventureland, Forgetting Sarah Marshall), and anything Clive Barker - freaks me the hell out, but I love it!

7. One word to describe 2009?


8. Blondes or Brunettes?


9. serato, vinyl or cds?

All three - 4 x serato - how I rizz-oll.

10. Any shoutouts or last words?

Thank you to everyone who supported me this past year, and the years before - waaaay too many to name. here's to 2010!



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