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Needing no introduction, we bring you MC Messinian. Besides being a great guy, he's also one of the most talented MC's in the industry. Touring MC for Planet of the Drums, Dieselboy, Monsters of Jungle and even launching his own electro/dance project, Messinian is truly a renegade of funk. We were able to catch Messinian for a brief moment this morning and ask him a few questions on what he's got planned this year, and this is what he had to say.....

WB: Ez Messinian, Hope alls well on your end? You're always super busy, fill our readers in on what the newest of the new is?
MESSINIAN: newest of the new ....Well its my birthday and I'm about to go to the Poconos to relax for several day before I start living out of a hotel room and suitcase from touring so much for the next 5/6 months...I've been blogging my new electro project and staying in the lab making ridiculous amounts of new pop/rock/electro/rap tunes...I'm taking off for the Monsters of Jungle tour soon which should last all Summer...Then right after that touring for 2 months straight with the Planet of the Drums tour. Then a tour for my solo electro/rap/rock project is being planned so I'm keeping mad busy. Labels have been offering deals and people like you guys, URB Magazine, and the iheartcomix crew have been supportive so far- so shit has been off the hook!

WB: Wow, those are some massive projects you're taking on!, Tell us more about Monsters of Jungle?
MESSINIAN: Monsters of jungle is me, Dieselboy, and random peeps from the Human label in each city might have Infiltrata, Evol Intent, etc....Just touring around the country on the drum and bass tip getting the word out about some of the most talented US DNB dudes and rocking the shit out of jam packed crowds.

WB: Sounds like an extremely positive endeavor, And the fact you are bringing in different artists in each city is gonna add such flavor to the whole thing, So tell me, you see crowds and trends constantly, whats your opinion of d&b here in the states right now? all these artists flexing multiple styles, multi-genre nights, it seems electronic music is really undergoing some sort of revamp right now, whats your opinion on the impact American artists are making on it both here in America and worldwide? and what do you see when you go out on the road?
MESSINIAN: Man...I live in a bubble i feel because we play shows that are jam packed a lot...Damian has a pretty established name and we've been doing our thing for years so when people ask me hows dnb's health in the states I say 'its off the fuckin chain nightly!'. We've been fortunate to not get hit by dwindling support or lame set ups. I think the dnb community in the US is alive and well--some of the most die hard supporters of music in the world. There's plenty of artists in the DNB scene that are coming out with electro projects and this and that....and it's not like we all just started doing this shit. people in the electro/dance rock scene need to realize that some of us have been doing these side projects shit for years for our own creative amusement...Making all styles of music and having all types of projects across the board. But now that the shit is cool to the public and has a major fan base with the blogs, we're just like "fuck it". glad to see its poppin....this is how WE roll. Haha- and everyone thats in the cypher is killing it...Treasure Fingers, Ludachrist, True Pseudo, Computer Club, LA Riots,Jayvon there's so many dnb dudes in the scene right now holding it down. Shit--i just headlined the ULTRA festival with Planet of the Drums in the dnb room...I went to check out JUSTICE on the main stage and guess what??...Their biggest tune of the night crowd response wise was a DRUM AND BASS tune! The whole crowd went fucking bananas when it came on. This shit leads me to believe that half the peeps in the electro scene already are inspired by DNB...Its definitely in it's own world. It doesn't get it's dick sucked by the media like Electro does--but it's some of the most emotional crowd moving music there is.

WB: Nice, so what can we expect from your individual projects, what are you working on?
MESSINIAN: I'm just fusing all the music that inspired me as a kid with all the music that I dig performing to now...there's rock,electro, rap,soul all through it--you might hear a little Bowie, might hear a little 2 Live Crew in it depending what you are listening for...I love ALL music and want to make something different then whats out there but still with tinges of POP in there that people can latch on to. I just want to see kids jumping at these festivals and smokey ass clubs. I'm working with all the people i mentioned above as well as Daniel at Grand Hustle in Atlanta, Hatiras, Designer Drugs, Gamet, NoizeTrip (pop producers for Black Eyed Peas, Macy Grey, Etc), Benny Blanco from Spank Rock, Skynet, mad other producers as well....So many different sounds are getting made now. These producers are all so talented and we all wanna flip the game on an underground as well as a commercial level.

WB: So where can we expect to see you on tour in the next couple months (for any or all projects)?
MESSINIAN: Everywhere.!!!..heres a list of dates from my myspace at . Believe me this is just what I posted up...theres tons more coming in for june august Sept and October! -Look out for me on tour in your area soon...I'm all over the world all the time so I'll see you soon enough.

(Month of May)
May 2 2008 8:00P The Mark Atlanta, Georgia
May 3 2008 8:00P Bassrush Los Angeles, California
May 9 2008 8:00P Love New York City, New York
May 10 2008 8:00P Sky Austin, Texas
May 16 2008 8:00P TBA Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
May 17 2008 8:00P TBA San Juan, Puerto Rico
May 22 2008 8:00P Church Nightclub Denver, Colorado
May 23 2008 8:00P Sugar Victoria, British Columbia
May 24 2008 8:00P Lizard Lounge Dallas, Texas
May 26 2008 8:00P Detroit Electronic Music Fest Detroit, Michigan
May 27 2008 8:00P Blue Westminster, California
May 30 2008 8:00P Congress Tuscon, Arizona
May 31 2008 8:00P Static Lounge San Diego, California

WB: Thanks for taking the time, Any promotions you wanna drop?, shouts?
MESSINIAN: My pleasure dawg! Thanks for getting at me- I appreciate the support! I just want to give love to all the fans that come out on the constant, all the producers that help me make hot shit, my clothing sponsors-- Evil Genius, Iron Fist, Zoo York, Fresh Jive, Rockett, SPRFKR, Neff, Lowlife, CAKE-NYC, Instrumental, all the people in LA and Philadelphia that made me who I am and pushed me to the next level personally and musically...and of course my family and G.O.D. for always having my muthafuckin back. See ya'll soon!

BURN IT UP [prod by Jayvon]

NOISE IN HERE [prod by True Psuedo]

THROW IT AWAY [prod by True Psudeo]

CAN'T HIDE HER [prod by True Psudeo]


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