Thursday, April 10, 2008


So we got the brazilian wonder kid on line 1, whats he been up 2 you ask? You will soon find out. Fresh off his 12" for DJ Hype's Liquweed Ganja label, Bungle's been making strides in many areas. Touring to techno, Bungles expanding his palate.

WB: So Bungle, its been a while since we last spoke, how is everything?
BUNGLE: Indeed! Everything´s great, been working on new projects and getting ready for the next tour in may.

WB: Oh fantastic, fill us in on your new projects!?
BUNGLE: Yeah, I just started writing some minimal techno now. It´s been a big experience personally and professionaly, I can even write drum´n´bass with a different perspective now. I´m in a great moment with drum´n´bass aswell, got a great feedback from my last single on Liqweed Ganja and I´m working hard on future releases through Critical and SOUL:R records.

WB: Where's the tour taking you this may?
BUNGLE: I´m touring in europe again, 4th time. But this time its going to be the biggest yet, a 35 day tour! Playing first time in Russia (twice), Estonia, and Urban Art Forms 3days festival in austria. You can check all the dates at www.myspace/bungledj

WB: Thats wicked bro, great to hear & all the best on the tour. Are you releasing any of your minimal techno stuff?
BUNGLE: It's in progress yet. Minimal demands some refined technique and it has taken alot of time to finish the tracks, but I should have all my live PA (with around 8-10 tracks) done by the end of July. Meanwhile, you can check some previews very soon at By the way, I am signing Andre Sobota for the project.

WB: Thats big man, good stuff, any shouts or anything you wanna give? Shameless promotion?
BUNGLE: Would like to say thank you for all the fans and anyone who has supported me as a producer and dj. Also, "Too Late" was nominated by knowledge magazine for its new awards of the best d´n´b tracks ever, each vote is very appreciated Peace!

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