Tuesday, April 22, 2008


We sent our chief writer out on a mission to the Appalachian mountains in search of the man who's miles ahead. Will Miles that is. A veteran in the American scene, Will Miles has been making leaps and bounds signing to Fabio's Creative Source label & teaming up with US counterpart Kjell to form Style Control. A man of soul, Wills smooth approach and flavorful use of samples have landed him in the record crates of many a top DJ.
We chatted everything from new releases & favorite artists to his experiences on the road & favorite restaurants. Read On...

WB: So Will Miles, it's been a while since we've spoken, catch our readers up on what you've been up too?
ILES: Well, I've had a release out on Creative Source drop in December 2007, and spent the first couple months of 2008 in England touring and promoting the single. Also played quite a few gigs in Miami during WMC.

WB: How was your experience at WMC this year?
MILES: It was a whirlwind! I flew down on Friday and played Winter Sessions, and the Bassdrive Showcase amongst a few other gigs.

WB: Whats lined up release wise for you this year?
MILES: I have a single coming out on Nu Directions, and tune Kjell and I (Style Control) with Saburuko coming out on Flight's label Play:Music, more digital releases on Sonorous, a tune on Deep Soul Music, and a few other potential releases.

WB: Whats your opinion of the current state of drum and bass in America?
MILES: Oh that's a tough one...I think that because America is so vast, it's hard to determine how the current state of the scene is. There are also a lot of cities I've never played in.

WB: Who are some of your favorite producers right now (worldwide)?
MILES: Kjell, Random Movement, Zero Tolerance, Dave Owen, AC, Spectra Soul, Big Bud, Limewax, M Jazzy, The Insiders, Saburuko, Resound, Icicle, Gremlinz, Eveson, and Andrezz just to name a few.

WB: Any plans to come out to the west coast?
MILES: Yeah! I would love to come back and play, maybe do a collab or two. I've heard so many good things about dnb nights in LA and San Diego, and want to see for myself!

WB: Yeah we do it big out here, What was your impression from coast to coast scene wise? Did you notice many differences? Similarities? Did you like the weather?
MILES: I didn't notice too many differences, but one big difference is that people on the west coast tend to dance more than the east, and the number of people at the venues are a little bit larger on the west. The weather was extra balmy, which may make it easier for folks to come out and support.

WB: Since you've been on the road so much, what are some of your favorite resturants?
MILES: I try to hit up local non-chain restaurants in the area...my friend Don took me to a spot in Miami called Chef Creole. The Conch Fritters there were off the hook! Also don't forget your cuban sandwhich places, and a cuban coffee! Any pub that does a good English breakfast will definetly fuel you for an entire day, and when in Bristol get your curry on, son! Out west, I could crush burritos all day. They are off the charts on the delicious factor. Wash it down with a cold brew-ha and I'm good to go!

WB: Thats great, you just made me hungry, give me a top ten?
Kjell-Grand Groove
Insight-No Love (Saburuko Remix)
Random Movement-Swing That Thing J
Dave Owen-Casting Shadows
Kjell-Pump Finesse
M Jazzy-Untitled
Random Movement-Ain't Goin Nowhere
Saburuko-Green Horn (Will Miles Remix)
Will Miles-Lottery Winner VIP

WB: Thanks so much for taking the time to talk with us, any last words or promotions you wanna drop?
MILES: Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be apart of the West Bay Dynasty! Check out my new show on bassdrive.com, "Miles A. Head Radio" every Thursday 10am-12pm, and again goto www.myspace.com/milesahead to download music, check tour dates, and add yourself! Shouts to the entire dnb massive!

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