Thursday, November 8, 2007


Random Movement has been making some big moves lately. and we felt we should mention. The Ohio native has been layin down the grooves this season with releases on Innerground Records (Thick Liquid, Sabina, Red), Bingo Records (Scarlet Trouble /Methods of Thought ft. Focus), Timeless & Creative Source. The last 1/2 of the year and beginning of 08' will see his Ruthless Machines & Shattered Dreamsbeing released on Marky's Master Plan LP part 1 + 2.
"Her Song", "Things You Do" & "Can't Resist" are slated for Innerground as well, "Believe No Other / The Student for Westbay and Lesson & Aftermath is forthcoming on CIA.

He also says he's been busy in the studio collaborating with several differernt artists including Submorphics, Mutt, Redeyes, AC & The Insiders. There are also plans for an LP but it's in such infantile stages theres no need mentioning it yet... or is there? Random Movement is also signed with LA based management company Parcel Managment, so if you promoters want to book him, contact them. In his spare time Random Movement is known for battling squirels and watching re-runs of Ghostbusters cartoons. big up Ohio. we love ya.


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